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We are a team of experienced early childhood educators who strongly believe in the research-backed idea that play, connection, and social and emotional well-being matter more in the early years than academics. 


Our aim is to empower kind, caring young children and the grown-ups who raise them. We do this by providing useful information, tools and resources that focus on emotional wellness, positive relationships and play in the early years.  These resources are carefully created and supported by research on child development and education. 

As a Philippine company, we also seek to create high-quality, locally made learning tools and resources, in collaboration with Filipino educators, artists and businesses. 

Meet the Team


Amabel Japitana, MS Ed. 

Amabel has an MS. Ed in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Bank Street College, NY. She has worked in the field of early childhood education for over twelve years. She has taught in leading progressive schools in NYC and Manila, and most recently, was involved in curriculum work and teacher mentoring. 


Emily Bautista is an early childhood educator currently teaching in Boston, MA. She graduated with a degree in Child Development and Education at UA&P and later on pursued her MA in Literacy and General Childhood Education at Bank Street College  in New York. She’s been in the field for over a decade and have taught multiple age-groups in different capacities. 


Kind Little Humans is committed to giving a portion of our profits, products and time to worthy causes. 

We have partnered with Dr. D's Learning World to donate Feelings Cards to children's units in select public and private hospitals around the Philippines. 

Together with, we have raised funds to provide Clean Water Systems through Waves for Water Philippines to communities affected by Typhoon Odette. 

Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more. 

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